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Zarzuela is Spanish Operetta.  Although it originated in the Baroque era its modern form mostly evolved since the late 19th Century.   It is very popular in Spanish speaking lands but insufficiently recognized elsewhere.   Our Artsconverge site hopes to rectify this as we feel that this genre is, like Viennese Operetta, most worthy of the attention of the Classical Music lover.  Below is a small paste excerpt from a long Wikipedia treatise.  But we believe small synopsis of plots are no substitute for the actual words.  R.E.C.

Renewed interest in the genre
The latter 1970s witnessed a revived interest in zarzuela, especially its music. All of Europe was experiencing an increasing interest in lyrical opera, especially among younger viewers, and Spanish reverberations of this sentiment produced a renewed interest in zarzuela. Music stores began offering albums whose discs were accompanied by a small pamphlet containing the synopsis of the work and information about the author.

The palace theatre was the birthplace of the Spanish operetta.. "Zarzuela" is thought to be derived from "zarzas" meaning brambles, due to its function as a hunting lodge meaning that it is situate damon the brambles of the King's Hunting Grounds.


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Zarzuela - Placido
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Category:  Zarzuela   Operetta
Extract from album : Mostly P. Domingo Videos. Real Cyrillic Trans. available.
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