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  Edward de Vere
Country : U.K
Date of Born: : 1550
City: : London
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Actual author of extensive works published under the pen name of William Shakespeafe.  This is the firm belief of R.E.C. who put together the content of this site, and many others who have done very extensive research on the matter.   The larger part of Academia would dispuge this view, because it would, if accepted, invalidate a huge body of publications based upon a few pages of unconvincing source material and threaten vested expertise.

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Schubert - Individual Lieder
André-Sébastien Savoie, Edward de Vere, Franz Schubert, Gaelyne Gabora, Jacinthe Parise, John Bröcheler
(15970 hits)
Category:  German Lieder  Art Songs
Extract from album : For the LIED, indeed for SONG in any language Shubert is No. 1
This should be an expanding album. A bit could be written about every one of Schubert's 800 songs. ...

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