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  Marilyn Horne
Country : U.S.A
Date of Born: : January 16, 1934
City: : Bradford, Pennsylvania, USA
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Most of the users of this Artsconverge site are probably well aware of Marilyn Horne.  For around a quarter century after 1960 she was the leading American Mezzo-Suprano and argueably number one in that catagory worldwide.    She is widely credited for being central to the current resergence of Baroque Opera that is still gaining stature in Opera Houses today.   The Video of her Orlando Furioso on this site is an example of what she provided to get this ball rolling.   But her career was far from limited to the Baroque repetoire and in fact was and is so diverse that we will not attempt to cover it here, except to say that she still prestent occaisionally a show of Stephen Foster pieces.   It might also be claimed that she boosted somewhat the overall demand for the Mezzo-Soprano

 She still (2009) has a full active career as a teacher operating primarily in Santa Barbara, California, and her Marilyn Horne Foundation, based in New York, is very activenive in prompoting the careers of young American Singers       -   R.E.C.




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