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  André-Sébastien Savoie
Country : Canada
Date of Born: : 25 Jul 1935
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André-Sébastien Savoie. Pianist, accompanist, coach, teacher, born in Montreal on 25 Jul 1935. At first a pupil of Charles Reiner, he continued his studies 1952-8 at the McGill Cons. Winner of various competitions, and holder of scholarships from the Quebec government and the Canada Council, he worked 1958-62 with Carlos Vidusso in Milan, 1962-4 with Joseph Dichler at the Vienna Academy of Music, and with Geza Anda in Lucerne (summer 1968). Since his return to Montreal, Savoie has performed in numerous tours in Canada, the USA and in Africa, as well as on radio and TV. He has been soloist, recitalist, chamber musician and accompanist and has been the guest of renowned ensembles such as the Moscow Wind Quintet. He has premiered several Canadian works in recital and on recordings. In 1977 he was the soloist in a performance of André Mathieu's Concerto No. 3 ('Concerto de Québec') with the Tunis Orchestra under Raymond Dessaints at the Municipal Theatre in Tunis and repeated the work with the CMM summer concerts orchestra, conducted by Dessaints at the Maurice Richard Arena in Montreal. Savoie taught 1966-9 at Laval University and joined the faculty at the CMM in 1969. He is a brother of the baritone Robert Savoie.

Other music from this Artist/Composer

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YearAlbum / Single TitleDetails
1904Madama Butterfly
André-Sébastien Savoie, Giacomo Puccini, Jacinthe Parise
(7592 hits)
Category:  Italian  Art Songs
Label : Private
Extract from album : Just a few highlights to get rolling.
Madama Butterfly (1904) was initially greeted with great hostility (mostly organised by his rivals) ...
1896La Bohème
André-Sébastien Savoie, Giacomo Puccini, Marc Adolph
(5991 hits)
Category:  Opera
Extract from album : A few very well known selections
La Bohème (1896) is considered one of his best works as well as one of the most romantic operas eve ...
André-Sébastien Savoie, Donald Miller, Franz Schubert
(25863 hits)
Category:  German Lieder  Art Songs
Label : Private
Extract from album : This most profound cycle represents ultimate Lieder.
Winterreise (Winter Journey) is a cycle of 24 poems by Wilhelm Müller 1794-1827, best known as the ...
André-Sébastien Savoie, Gaelyne Gabora, Jacinthe Parise, Marc Adolph , Mario Della Ponte, Taras Gabora
(19548 hits)
Category:  German Lieder  Art Songs
Extract from album : Represents first half 20th Century German masters.
This Album is for 20th Century German Lieder, athough some late 19th century songs by composer ...
French Orchestral and Piano Art Songs
André-Sébastien Savoie, Claude Debussy , Jacinthe Parise
(19321 hits)
Category:  French  Art Songs
Extract from album : Debussy to start with. We could use French contributors.
Claude Debussy (1862-1918), along with Ravel, are at the heart of French impressionism in music. D ...
Schubert - Individual Lieder
André-Sébastien Savoie, Edward de Vere, Franz Schubert, Gaelyne Gabora, Jacinthe Parise, John Bröcheler
(16003 hits)
Category:  German Lieder  Art Songs
Extract from album : For the LIED, indeed for SONG in any language Shubert is No. 1
This should be an expanding album. A bit could be written about every one of Schubert's 800 songs. ...

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