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R.Strauss-Mahler-Wolf-Berg - André-Sébastien Savoie , Gaelyne Gabora , Jacinthe Parise , Marc Adolph , Mario Della Ponte , Taras Gabora
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From Album : Represents first half 20th Century German masters.
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This Album is for 20th Century German Lieder, athough some late 19th century songs by composer who lived over the turn of the century can appear. Gustav Mahler and Richard Strauss were the most important post Wagnerian German composers who wrote robust scores without apparent reservations about not reaching the height of that mighty peak, as atonalists such as Alben Berg (1885-1935) seem to have been. Her we have - Die Nachtigall - and - Im Zimmer - of 1907 before atonalism, which label was later attached to his Opera "Wozzeck", his most important work. fRichard Strauss (1864-1949) joins Mahler in providing very much of the material for modern Symphony Orchestras. but he also provides much Lieder that is currently very popular for piano-singer recitals. Allerseelen - Morgen - Cäcilie - Heimliche Afforderung - Schlechtes Wetter are all works of his. He emphatically believed in program music and not just in his tone poems. In his minor works such as these, as well as in his considerable number of Opera's the text is central and vital to the works. He is firmly associated with the city of Munich, where he produced all of his work. You can catch productions of all of his Opera's there within a few seasons. Elsewhere, "Salome"amd "Der Rosenkavalier" are his most often performed Operas and are firmly part of the standard repetoire. R.E.C.

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