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  Bedrich Smetana
Country : Czechoslovakia
Date of Born: : March 2, 1824
City: : Litomysl
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Bedrich Smetana was a Czech composer born on March 2, 1824 at Litomysl in Bohemia (then in Austria-Hungary, now in the Czech Republic) and died on May 12, 1884 in Prague. He is best known for his symphonic poem Vltava (The Moldau), the second in a cycle of six which he entitled Ma vlast (My Country). Ma Vlast ("My Fatherland") is a set of six symphonic poems by the composer. In these works, Smetana combined the symphonic poem form pioneered by Franz Liszt with the ideals of nationalistic music which were current in the late nineteenth century. Each poem depicts some aspect of the countryside, history, or legends of Bohemia. The third poem, Sarka, was finished on February 20, 1875, and is named for the Amazon queen Šárka who swore revenge on Libuše's murderers. In the fairy tale, she ties herself to a tree as bait and waits to be saved by Ctirad, a prince. They exchange words and he quickly falls in love with her. They are married soon after, and she pours mead as a gift to the men. As soon as they are asleep, Šárka sounds her horn to alert the other Amazon women and the poem ends with the scene of all of the men being murdered.

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