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  Alexander Glazounov
Country : Russia
Date of Born: : August 10, 1865
City: : St. Petersburg
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Alexander Konstantinovich Glazounov (or Glazunov or Glazunow) (August 10, 1865 - March 21, 1936) was a major Russian composer, as well as an influential music teacher. Glazunov was born in St. Petersburg. He studied music under Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. The first of his 8 symphonies premiered in 1882 when Glazunov was 16 years old. His popular Stenka Razin was also a youthful work. In 1899, Glazunov became a professor at the St. Petersburg School of Music, and later its director. He came to be acknowledged as a great prodigy in his field, and with the help of his mentor and friend Rimsky-Korsakov, finished some of Alexander Borodin's great works, the most famous being the Opera Prince Igor. They also edited a very famous piece by Borodin, the Polovetsian Dances.

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