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About Artsconverge

Pertains entirely to Classical Music and secondarily to artistic ethnic music.  Avoids pop music.  The emphasis is on vocal classical music and especially upon presenting the text in timed paired original language and translated banners for use on electronic devices as well as in live concerts and productions.  The aim is to give more weight to the accessability of these texts during the listening experience than is normally done.   By promoting this element to the genres we feel that not only will the outreach to developing audiences be expanded, but additional depth will be added to the artistic experience. 

The ultimate objective is to make this style of presentation the norm, which as of 2008 it is not.  The visuals added are icing on the cake.   Our Artsconverge software,  developed by the REC MUSIC FOUNDATION is the means by which this is done, and is available as a tool for Classical Music presentors, and artists.

Also this site is rich in links and blogs that pertain to Classical Music.   While the site will likely be utilized firstly for streaming entertainment, it is hoped that it will evolve as a nexus as well as means forthose who desire add vitality to living Classical Music.